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PhD interview call letters

Interview call letters are being sent out by faculty panels in a phased manner, and will continue to be sent until 10 May. If you have not received a call letter as yet, there is no need to worry: all shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview.

The PhD admissions committee receives a large volume of correspondence at this time. There is no need to write to us requesting interview links if you haven't received one already, or to acknowledge your interview letter. We reiterate that we are unable to entertain requests for rescheduling.

Malcolmn Adiseshiah Memorial Lecture 2021 - Understanding Inequality

Understanding Inequality tries to draw attention to the unrecognized crisis (especially among the privileged) that faces us. It focuses on this blind-spot among India's privileged "middle class". Certain digital technologies pose a new threat. They can exacerbate these inequalities, especially as they have become more widely used in the post-pandemic period for basic services such as health and education. Finally, the lecture discusses the options available to us to remedy this situation.