HSS Occasional Seminar
Dec 18


Indian secularism did not collapse overnight. There was no one event, not even the destruction of the Babri Masjid in 1992, that led to its sudden and irrevocable end. Instead, it hung around, intermittently invoked in banners, slogans, parliamentary debates, for some decades. Rumours suggest it has reappeared on the eve of India’s most recent election, but furtively, barely.

What ails Indian secularism? To answer this question, I trace the shifting meanings of...

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Feb 17

Call for Proposals

Religious practices have manifold forms, functions, histories and meanings. They make and break communities, they may reassure as much as incite anxiety, they change rapidly or may be extremely resilient, they may be oriented to individual salvation or the establishment of political power. Many more such contrasting attributes of religious action could be listed all of which are to be found in India today with her highly diverse religious landscape...

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